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Los días del 3 al 7 de Agosto 2013, fuimos invitados por la ISA, Asociacion Internacional de Arboricultura,  a TECNOVERD como Distribuidor Oficial para España y Portugal del sistema ARBOPROF® y ARBOCAP® asistio en representacion de España, como miembro de la ISA de los Estados unidos, a la Expo Internacional  de Arboricultura  certificaciones ISA y afines en Toronto Ontario, ( Canada ).

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What is endotherapy?

The endotherapy, is an alternative method of treatment of urban woodland plant, compared to traditional air treatments, as stressed, firstly, the absence of Atom Z or spraying of chemicals that pollute the environment, soil and water and be completely harmless for the health of citizens, birds and other animals can be utilized at any time of day.

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It has the advantage also of being able to focus on treatment, thus avoiding indiscriminate spraying. This system involves the injection into the trunk of a nutrient or plant that is distributed throughout the plant's vascular system.

The endotherapy history goes back to the Renaissance, was Leonardo da Vinci made the first evidence that arsenic in the trees. The system was developed in the U.S. and Italy, to this day. In these countries has been that the rise of endotherapy, which has managed to displace the air treatment, including their use becoming required in some cities and states. Currently there are three systems endotherapy: gravimetric (by absorption of the tree), at constant pressure or pressure micro to macro and variable pressure infusion.


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